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Unlock Your Financial Growth

The Accounting Suite
A Monthly Membership Designed For High-Earning Entrepreneurs

Rather Do Anything But Look At Your Numbers?

You make good money, but...

  • You spend so much time collecting data that you never utilize it to make decisions 

  • You feel like a fraud because you talk about what you make, but you don't get to keep much 

  • You’re totally drained because you’re stuck on a hamster wheel to “make more” but can’t get ahead

Take The Clear Path Forward To Improve Your Financial Health

Many business owners think that they are not 'at that level' in their business to work with an accountant, or think it's too much money to invest. 


How can you afford not to? 


You don't wait until a burglary happens before you install a security system, so why wait until you make lots of money (and mistakes) to build a financial system?

Now is the time to:

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Understand your numbers
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Maximize tax savings
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Decrease money stress

"I love working with Shannon. Last year was my first time filling taxes under my LLC so I had a lot to learn but Shannon was patient and explained everything... highly recommend her as a tax agent."

Ashley R.

"...we didn't know what we were missing before her services... we not only saved thousands but more importantly we are set up for the future so we can operate effectively and efficiently."

Michael D.

Get A Virtual CFO With A Powerful Plan For Your Business

Get the most power out of monthly financial intelligence from your own virtual CFO. 

An accounting membership = dedicated & customized guidance to support your financial success


  • Onboarding and goal setting

  • Unlimited text and email

  • Quarterly strategy sessions


  • Bookkeeping assistance with QuickBooks Online

  • Payroll support with Gusto to streamline your financial data


  • Financial statements, metrics and KPIs to measure performance

  • The numbers you need to make the needle-moving decisions


  • Tax savings plan for you and your business

  • Business tax return preparation

Pricing Options

Thinking about making the S Corp election?

Save thousands by optimizing your business entity now.

We will file the necessary form and get you set up with the tools to remain compliant, maximize tax savings and minimize the likelihood of an IRS audit.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I hire an accountant for my business?

It's never too early. It is always less stressful and less expensive to hire someone early on to make sure things are done right so you don't end up making expensive mistakes down the line. If you know you will need an accountant, the sooner you start that relationship, the better.

Can I just hire you for one month? 

Technically yes. Our memberships are month to month and you can cancel anytime. However, you don't get very good results from only working with a trainer for one month, right? We are in it for the long haul and want to get you the best results possible by being available to you as you grow.

Can I just hire you for tax prep?

Tax prep means just filling out the tax forms. The true value comes in the strategy to help lower your tax burden. Otherwise, your tax preparer is just filling out a report of something we can no longer change. We offer tax prep for accounting clients but charge a premium for those only engaging for taxes.

You can't out-exercise a bad diet - and your numbers are the same. You can't just focus on top line revenue and ignore your expenses and taxes. You need to understand ALL of your numbers to make better decisions.

How financially fit is your business?