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Focus on that form!
Just like the perfect push-up starts with the perfect plank, you are mastering the building blocks of your financial strength. You want to stay consistent with some of the essential habits before scaling your business.
Keep those business transactions separate, stay up to date on payments and give your business the respect it deserves. Getting organized will be one of the first steps to growing and scaling.
I recommend booking a coaching session with me to get you started with the right goals and plan.
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Keep a bank account strictly business
Keeping things separate will help you maximize your tax deductions and your savings.
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Button up your books
Solid bookkeeping is one of the first steps to taking control of the financial future of your business. Think of it as a meal tracker for a weight loss plan.
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Hire a pro to help you
Find the right person to teach you the tricks to save you time and headaches at tax season, by implementing small habits that are easy to adopt.
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Shannon K. Weinstein, CPA
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