Meet Shannon:

Not your typical accountant

I became a CPA because I lost a bet with my dad - seriously! He taught me about money since he bought me my first stock share when I was 12. I learned financial concepts in very simple, relatable ways and use that perspective to help educate others.

After becoming a CPA and working a corporate job, I discovered a passion for health and fitness and became a certified group exercise instructor in 2013. I soon realized that the fitness industry as a whole needed more availability of knowledge and support around finances and have supported the industry for years.

Accountants are stereotypically not very much fun. My goal is to disrupt the accounting profession, create an enjoyable experience for clients and help them see that their money works for them, not the other way around.


We believe that true financial freedom is an abundance of choice. Choice represents the ability to live life on one's terms, free of obligations, fear and excuses. It is no coincidence that our core values also represent CHOICES.
Our mission is to empower you with the knowledge and resources necessary to achieve financial freedom in your business and life.


An open and transparent exchange of energy to enable others to offer guidance


Setting ego aside and sharing your truth


Taking radical responsibility, not assigning blame


Exercising due care and maintaining standards of the profession and industry


Unbridled dedication to achieving the mission at hand


Trusting in yourself and others


Creating a true ripple effect through the support of financial education organizations around the world

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