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Understand your numbers

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Maximize tax savings

Decrease money stress

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If you're unclear on your financials, you can't make smart choices for your business.

Here are some signs it's time to get help:

  • You're afraid you'll owe all your money to the IRS (and go to jail!)

  • You feel incompetent and a little ashamed, like you "should" know this stuff

  • You get stuck on decisions like what to charge, when to hire and how to scale

  • You've just had a successful launch and yet your bank account says otherwise

Proactive Solutions to Make Better Decisions

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Whether you're an entrepreneur in your early stages or an experienced entrepreneur preparing to scale, it's important to know your business's full financial picture.

Both our Fitnancial Foundations program and the Accounting Suite provide:

  • Clear and direct advice to implement

  • Financial tools and resources

  • Access to a Certified Public Accountant

You can't hot glue and duct tape your numbers forever...

Fitnancial Foundations

Join this six-week course with live coaching and access to everything you need to stop stressing (and guessing) so you can confidently use your numbers as a tool to grow your business.

The Accounting Suite

Our one-stop-shop accounting services are like having a CFO on speed dial. We'll dive into your business finances and help you gain clarity to make strategic decisions for your company.


We help you build systems that build your business.

A CPA since 2009, my superpower is taking complicated tax strategies and financial analysis and speaking a language that you understand. I can help you make sense of the numbers, and - dare I say it -  make it fun?

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Let's make your money work for you...

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Receive your custom strategy

You'll get personalized advice based on your goals, budget and stage of business.


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Save money and grow your business

Know your numbers, make confident decisions and watch your business thrive.

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Saying that your business isn't ready to get help from an accountant is like saying you are not fit enough to hire a personal trainer.

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