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Tips for a Stress-free Tax Season

Here are my best tips to make this tax season go as smoothly as possible:

(1) Start a folder: Any time you get a tax document in the mail, open it and put it in the folder. keep all of this centrally located so you and your spouse or children can keep this all in one place. If your preparer uses a tax organizer, use that as a guide. This folder can either be a physical folder or DropBox/Drive folder.

(2) Set expectations with your preparer: Ask by when the return can reasonably be completed. If you plan to extend, communicate this with your preparer as well. Ask them by when they need your documents in order to complete the return on time and deliver on those expectations. Don't assume they will reach out to you to coordinate.

(3) Have your books ready: Update your bookkeeping before Christmas, if possible. We all know that it feels like we blink after Thanksgiving and it's January. Having everything updated before year end means you just have to clean up a few things to be ready. If not by Christmas, aim for the first week of the new year.

The best way to minimize stress is to be proactive and not to procrastinate. If you want a little extra accountability this tax season to make sure this gets done, shoot me a text and let me know how I can help.


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