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What Documents do I Need for Taxes?

If you haven’t filed your taxes yet, you may be stressing about getting everything in on time for your accountant. ⁣

If this is your first year not relying on a significant other or your parents to handle this for you, CONGRATS! I’ve got your back. ⁣

Here is what you should have at a minimum, based on your situation. Note that not all of this applies to everyone:⁣


W-2s from your employers⁣

1099-MISC for income you received as an independent contractor ⁣

Support for business income for the year that is unreported (spreadsheets, statements)⁣

Support for rental income received⁣

1099-B, 1099-DIV, 1099-INT and statements showing interest income, dividend income, and investment income⁣


Charitable contribution receipts⁣

Out of pocket medical expenses⁣

⁣Taxes paid for real estate and personal property (like vehicles)⁣

Listing of all business expenses and categories⁣

⁣Business miles and total miles on your vehicle⁣

Square footage of your home and your home office⁣

These should give you a great start in making sure your accountant has enough to work with to prepare your return. If you are not sure what applies, make sure to confirm with them. ⁣


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