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You are not the Cheesecake Factory.

You know the feeling...⁣

⁣You sit down to dinner with your friends, start chatting and next thing you know you need to place your order. You grab the menu and realize it’s the size of Pride & Prejudice. ⁣

You probably just order one of the few dishes you remember because you just can’t be bothered to comb through all those pages.⁣

There is a lesson to be learned there. ⁣

As a business, when you give too many choices, your customers enter analysis paralysis. Your brain actually burns more calories to process the information and it actually can exhaust you. ⁣

In short: We HATE choices. ⁣

To make the process the most seamless for your clients, offer 1-3 ways to work with them as options. This not only makes your “menu” simple for them to choose, but it is much easier for you to manage your clients and what you need to provide them. ⁣

I actually love coffee shops with 3 options in iced and hot, or a menu that fits on half a page. It allows me to make a confident choice quickly so I can focus on what matters. ⁣

What is one way you can make your services easier for your customer to understand and purchase?


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