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Your Trusted Advisor

We're habitual creatures.

We’re used to routines.

We’re used to the usual.

We like to take the path of least resistance.

Because of this, it seems like most people hire their accountants based on who their parents use or who their friends recommend.

Believe it or not, most of the time when I ask you "who does your taxes?" I get:

“The guy my parents use.”

“The woman my aunt uses.”

"This guy down the street."

And you don’t even know their name!! It’s always a friend of a friend.

What I’ve noticed is that people don’t have the relationship with their accountants like they do with their primary care doctor. And I want you to exercise that same kind of care when looking for an accountant. Heck, they are doing the financial equivalent of a prostate exam sometimes!

Don’t just go for the easiest person who happens to do someone-you-know’s taxes. Your taxes are totally different from theirs and you have every right to hire the person who is right for you.

Here are a couple of questions you can ask when hiring an accountant:

Are they familiar with your industry?

Do they use a communication method and frequency that works for me?

Do they communicate proactively?

Do they offer the services you need?

Are they respectful of you and are able to answer your questions?

Accountants should be giving you enough guidance to work with. They should be supporting you. They should be your trusted advisor.

Knowing all of this now, I really want you to approach your relationship with your accountant very seriously in terms of the value they should be bringing you. You choose who you put in your corner as an entrepreneur.

Want us in that corner. Explore our services here.


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