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Here are some of our favorite products and services we recommend.


Bookkeeping & Tax Preparation


Misa Bacon
Perfectly Kept Books

Misa truly makes your bookkeeping experience positive and enjoyable. She works with women-owned businesses in creative industries and therapists. She is based in Dallas, TX.


Katie White
Cents & Balance

Katie knows just what you need to ensure a smooth tax season and caters to a variety of industries including health & wellness. She is based in New Hampshire.


Apple De La Cruz
Apple Accounting Services

Apple has over a decade of experience in public accounting. She specializes in bookkeeping for small business owners, including Permanent Make-up. She is based in California.


Caitlynn Eldridge, CPA

Caitlynn loves working with service-based businesses below $500K in revenue offering advisory, tax strategy, tax compliance, and bookkeeping- it's an all-in-one solution for small but growing businesses. 

Screenshot 2023-04-01 092512.png

Vanessa Rincon
VEe Endeavors Inc.

Vanessa has over 20 years of experience in the tax industry.  She loves to educate and support Solopreneurs seeking to expand on tax strategies to reduce liability.  She is based in Southern California.


Katherine Studley
Prisma Tax / The Only Consultant

Katherine provides a judgment-free tax service for the under-served adult entertainment and influencer industries. Her no-nonsense approach is great for anyone intimidated by numbers.

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Louise Hipperson
The Finance Agency

Ready to get financially organized in your business? The TFA team will take over your bookkeeping so you can get insight to grow a profitable and sustainable business.  They are based in AZ and serve clients nationwide.

Jessica Smith, EA
Tax Savvy Jessica

Jessica is an Enrolled Agent with extensive experience in resolution. If you owe a large bill or need to create a payment plan for your taxes, look no further.


gusto payroll.jpg

Gusto Payroll is so easy to use and has a clean, modern interface. You can get up and running in less than 30 minutes and start running payroll.

Shhhhh... if you are a solo-owner S Corp, ask about rates for quarterly payroll!

BILL ( invoice payment and tracking

bill-com-screen-3.co3.png lets you pay and track your vendors and invoices seamlessly using AI and QuickBooks integrations. Approve and pay invoices efficiently so you can spend more time building your business.

Business Banking with RELAY

I like Relay Financial for business banking because it allows you to create accounts in minutes, use a virtual debit card and move money between accounts with ease.

Relay is the official banking partner with Profit First.


Other Tools We Use

Click the image to learn more


Kajabi is an all-in-one learning management system, email marketing platform, website builder and more. Our business would not be what it is today without Kajabi.


Canva makes graphics easy and fun. Whether it is social media templates or a client proposal / presentation, you don't need to be a trained designer to create something beautiful. Click the image to sign up.


Riverside is my podcasting tool of choice. It is so easy for guests to participate and delivers a quality file for editing. Zoom wasn't made for podcasting, but this was.


Growthday is an app and tool designed by Brendon Burchard, a high performance coach and mentor. This app helps you track your habits and lifestyle goals in order to deliver your best energy day after day.


Fourwest implemented our text messaging service so that we can chat more about your questions and connect faster. They use the Community platform to help you reach your customers via text.

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