As a business owner, you need to be equipped with the information needed t make decisions for your business. When everything is on the line, your numbers can make or break your business.

We offer assistance with financial statement review and analysis as well as tax season readiness to make sure you are positioned to succeed without spending hours in spreadsheets.


Did you know that the government wants you to pay less in taxes? That is why they included so many strategies in the tax code for business owners. Proper planning is crucial to take advantage of these and minimize your burden. Our focus is on business tax return preparation and review. Prices range based on the complexity of tax situation.


We offer coaching to fit your needs as a business owner and help you launch into the next phase of your business. 

Click below for more info on our six-week program for early stage entrepreneurs, Fitnancial® Foundations.


We offer live and virtual sessions designed to train your staff on the essential skills to complete bookkeeping functions in-house. We also offer workshops for coaching and mastermind groups to empower business owners with the financial toolkit they need to succeed in their business.

You're ready for a coach when...

You're willing to invest.

This is not just about money. You must invest your time and energy to ensure you get the most value possible from working with me. Investing in yourself brings a return on investment (ROI). Investing in a coach is not just monet spent, it is money invested.

You're ready to take action.

Realize that coaching will only work if you’re willing to put in the work yourself. Coaching is for action-takers.

You're ready to set excuses aside.

If you prioritize your financial fitness, you will see results. If you make excuses, you will only deter yourself from reaching your goal.

You're committed to improving and learning.

If you think coaching is a quick fix solution with the answers to all your problems, it’s not. You’re in it for the long haul – as am I. Identify what you want to achieve and understand that you might not get results overnight. Just like with physical fitness, it is about getting the reps in.


  • What my clients have to say...

    Shannon is very knowledgeable on all aspects of money as it relates to starting a business. She tailors her business to fitness professionals but is not afraid to work with others like myself, a holistic life coach. Shannon goes above and beyond to offer tips and expertise on accounting and money in order to best help you with starting your business. She is willing to answer any and all questions and is very patient.


    I am a witness for her amazing services! I spoke with her on the phone and right away, I saw the value of working with her. I worked with her for 1:1 coaching because her free help was so valuable. She gave me assignments and held me accountable. Coaches need coaches too.


    Over the last few years, Shannon has helped me understand my tax filings as a full-time fitness professional working with 1099 MISC, W-2 and estimating tax. My situation is not simple. Shannon has been able to reassure me that I am taking the correct steps in my accounting and reporting. She is professional, readily available, and extremely knowledgeable about the unique queries of someone working in the fitness industry.


    If I did not work with Shannon, I would have still been dragging my heels or avoiding the subject altogether.


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