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Start Actually USING Your Numbers to Grow

Fractional CFO Services &
CFO Power Sessions
for Growth-minded Founders

Feeling stuck financially?

  • You get financial reports from your accountant but have no idea how to actually USE them!

  • You can't "talk shop" with fellow entrepreneurs because your numbers are so unclear

  • You’re totally drained because you’re stuck on a hamster wheel to “make more” but feel like it money goes as fast as it comes in!

Image by Tamas Tuzes-Katai

Your business isn't broken. You just need a financial navigation system!

Don't play small.

Many business owners think that they are not 'at that level' in their business to work with a CFO, or think it's too much money to invest. They settle for a convenient or low cost option thinking that will save money.


But they stuff your brain with jargon and meaningless numbers - or worse - they don't respond.


You don't wait until a burglary happens before you install a security system, so why wait until you make lots of money (and mistakes) to build a financial system?

Shopping Spree

Now is the time to:

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Turn data into decisions 
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Maximize tax savings
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Improve cash flow

Packages & Options

"Shannon and her team are a perfect fit for our small and growing business. We feel confident that we have the same - frankly, usually better - knowledge and expertise of a large firm paired with a more direct and personal relationship with a nimble team that has taken the time to deeply understand our company’s needs and goals."

 "I have felt nothing but tension and pressure with previous CPAs, but Shannon was different. She made my experience with her feel like a ton of bricks were lifted off my shoulders. A CPA THAT FINALLY SPOKE MY LANGUAGE!"

Get A Virtual CFO With a Powerful Plan For Your Business


  • Goal and priority setting

  • Reporting the way YOU need to see it

  • Action steps to achieve financial goals


  • Bookkeeping

  • Ongoing communication

  • Processes to scale


  • CFO dashboard

  • Cash flow forecast

  • Budgets and projections


  • Tax savings strategies

  • Business tax return prep

  • Tax planning sessions

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't make that much. What should I do?

If you are making less than $500,000 a year in revenue, your financial team should consist of a bookkeeper and a tax professional at a minimum. Find some recommendations here.

Can I just hire you for one month? 

Our memberships are month to month and you can cancel anytime. However, you don't get very good results from only working with a trainer for one month, right? We are in it for the long haul and want to get you the best results possible by being available to you as you grow. We recommend allowing 3-6 months for a proper onboarding, especially if bookkeeping catch-up is needed.

Can I just hire you for tax prep?

Tax prep means just filling out the tax forms. The true value comes in the strategy to help lower your tax burden. Otherwise, your tax preparer is just filling out a report of something we can no longer change. We offer tax strategy and prep for CFO clients only. Check out our Partners page for folks who can help with tax prep.

You can't out-exercise a bad diet - and your numbers are the same. You can't just focus on top line revenue and ignore your expenses and taxes. You need to understand ALL of your numbers to make better decisions.

Think your business has strong cash flow?

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