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Gift Ideas for Clients, Teams and Affiliates

As we start sending end of year gifts to our business contacts this month, consider deviating from the typical gift basket or wine. Here are some fun ideas that will make your gift memorable:

(1) BOXFOX - Boxfox allows you to create custom gift boxes that cater to your clients. Their boxes include candies, bed and bath essentials and office items.

(2) A MASTERCLASS SUBSCRIPTION - When you subscribe, you can gift a discounted membership to someone else. With so many classes to choose from, from writing, to business, to cooking, there is so much value in this simple gift.

(3) A FITNESS SUBSCRIPTION - With many of our workouts going virtual, people look to on demand fitness platforms to get their burn in. Working in the fitness industry, several clients and friends are offering this service. Message me what kinds of classes you desire and I would be happy to make specific recommendations.

(4) A CUSTOM MUSIC MIX - There are plenty of DJs who lost work this year from the wedding market. Their talents can serve you by helping mix some favorite songs of your friends and colleagues and sending a digital file. Check out Z Mixes.

(5) A CLIENT GIFT MOSAIC - If you have clients that sell physical products, compile a collection of your favorites and send them to your contacts with their business cards.

Note: I am not paid by any of these companies.


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