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Why You Should Not Use "Donations" for Classes

Are you hosting donation-based classes? If so, read this end-to-end. ⁣

I have asked many fitness professionals why they have chosen to take this approach and most of them say it’s because their clients are facing financial hardship.⁣

That may be the case. ⁣

However, I want you to consider:⁣

  • ⁣Is this approach just easier than having to come up with a price and state your value?⁣

  • Are you just doing this because you feel guilty about doing classes for free?⁣

  • If you were in your client’s position, would it be easier to just pay a consistent price?⁣

Having a set baseline price helps give you credibility and reliability in the eyes of your client. It gives them a set expectation. It also conveys a level of professionalism and respect that you are commanding as a business owner.⁣

If you truly are offering this option for those in financial hardship, we need to be careful with language. ⁣

“Donations” can give the impression that the funds are going to charity. If they are, great! That’s what I do. If they’re not, you want to make sure you are not giving that impression.⁣

Instead, consider:⁣⁣

  • Flexible pricing available⁣

  • Contributions of any value welcome⁣

  • Name your price⁣

  • All contributions appreciated⁣

⁣...and so on. ⁣

Not only can donations sound like charity, but they can give your client the impression you are asking for their financial help. This can create a sentiment of pity or guilt. ⁣

Don’t put yourself below your customer. ⁣

You have every right to ask for a fair price for your services and to offer the flexibility for any customer you want to serve. ⁣

What are you doing to offer fair pricing right now?


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