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Not your April 15th one-night stand

Real financial strategies to help you earn more & grow

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Go from data to decisions
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Maximize tax savings
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Increase cash flow

Cash flow is our love language.
Find out how strong your cash flow is with this 2-minute quiz!

Clarity on your financials starts with finding someone you can trust

Here are some signs it's time to get help:

  • You're afraid you'll owe all your money to the IRS (and go to jail!)

  • You feel incompetent and a little ashamed, like you "should" know this stuff

  • You get stuck on decisions like what to charge, when to hire and how to scale

  • You've just had a successful launch and yet your bank account says otherwise

Proactive solutions to make better decisions

Whether you're an entrepreneur in your early stages or an experienced entrepreneur preparing to scale, it's important to know your business's full financial picture.

Fitnancial Solutions provides:

  • Clear and direct advice to implement

  • Financial tools and resources

  • Access to expert advice when you need it


You can't hot glue and duct tape your numbers forever...

Working From Home

Guidance for Early Stage Entrepreneurs

Check out our course offerings for self-paced guidance delivered directly from Shannon in a simplified way.

Office Environment

Fractional CFO & Strategy for Scaling Businesses

We'll dive into your business finances and help you gain clarity to make strategic decisions for your company.


We help you build systems that skyrocket your business.

After learning accounting before I could drive, my superpower is taking complicated financial concepts and speaking a language that you understand, because that is how I learned! I can help you make sense of the numbers, and - dare I say it -  make it fun?

Member of...

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Let's make your money work for you...

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Tell us your goals

Tell us your goals - the real ones. We're talking the specific things you want to do, have and be as an entrepreneur.

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We convert those goals to financial targets

You'll get specific metrics to help you measure your progress.

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Take action and watch your business grow!

Get custom specific steps to help you reach your goals faster and have fun doing it.

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What Clients Are Saying

Saying that your business isn't ready to get help from a CFO is like saying you are not fit enough to hire a personal trainer.
You will get more done faster with guidance and expertise early on.

Don't Roll The Dice With Your Business

We help you manage cash flow, minimize tax liability, predict profits and plan for the future.

Feel empowered with your money and keep more of what you earn.

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